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Here it is, the big moment you've been waiting for, the trailer for the last of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies. Apparently it's about a bunch of villains fomenting revolution to put awful rich people in their place. Uh, a bunch of Hollywood fat cats are going to make $17 bajillion off of Occupy Wall Street? Great!

Oh, but you know you're going to see this. We're all going to go see this. I just jumped into the future to order tickets to the first midnight screening on opening night. We're going to feed the beast and grow the 1%. Why? Because this looks fucking cool as shit. The exploding football field is a little hokie, but definitely ambitious.

Even Anne Hathaway looks good as Cat Woman (even though we were skeptical) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks good in the one scene where he does something, but it doesn't matter because he's hot. As for Tom Hardy's Bane, initial reports that the mask over his face makes him hard to understand seem to be true. Uh oh. Who cares? I'm still the first in line, even if it means digging the income inequality grave even deeper.