José Angel Santana is suing New York University because he claims he lost his job as a professor of film studies for giving notorious class sleeper James Franco a D. It sounds like Franco deserved it.

Santana gave Franco a D in his class ""Directing the Actor II" because Franco—who is busy making movies, doodling art projects, hosting the Oscars, and pursuing degrees at every accredited university in America—only attended two of the 14 classes. To me, that makes a D sound generous. The secret of college is going to class. As long as you show up, it's nearly impossible to fail. Seriously.

Santana claims that his fellow professors at NYU are giving Franco good grades so that it's a celebrity-friendly environment and so the school gets the good PR of having a famous attendee (who doesn't seem to be doing much attending to anything other than his pretensions). Santana especially points to his colleague Jay Anania, who got Franco to star in his movie William Vincent which is, perhaps, the worst movie I have ever seen in my whole life. When I sat it at the Tribeca Film Festival last year at least a dozen people walked out of the movie while it was still happening. Wow, if this is who is teaching NYU film school, maybe it's best that Franco keep skipping the classes anyway.

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