Have you reached the age of 23? Have you been arrested yet? If not, you are some sort of weirdo and/ or nerd. That is the scientific conclusion which must be draw from a new study that proves that getting arrested is no big deal now, mom, get off my back.

The new data show a sharp increase from a previous study that stunned the American public when it was published 44 years ago by criminologist Ron Christensen. That study found 22% of youth would be arrested by age 23. The latest study finds 30.2% of young people will be arrested by age 23.

Fuck you, 44 years ago! The American War on Drugs has achieved something after all. Arresting a bunch of kids. And thank god for that.

Were you arrested by the age of 23? What for? If not, which crimes should you have been arrested for? Put all this information in the comments, along with your name and address.

[USAT. Photo: Keith Allison/ Flickr]