Media Matters points out that Andrew Breitbart's site "Big Journalism" has now used the same anti-Semitic cartoon (from a 1934 issue of the satirical German magazine Kladderadatsch) twice to illustrate "media bias." I'm just a libtard, so maybe there's some kind of irony I'm missing here?

In Breitbart's defense, the cartoon's been altered to remove the Star of David, and to, erm, un-hook the figure's nose. But, I don't know, how do you look at even the "sanitized" version and not think "wow, that sure looks like a cartoon about how Jews control the media"? Anyway, we don't really think Breitbart's bloggers are anti-Semitic, just really stupid. They should probably stop using this cartoon, and, honestly, while they're at it, just stop blogging, period.