This Latina star truly has it all, including a new STD from her philandering partner. Which downtrodden musician is begging his ex-wife for some (much needed) cash? Today's blind item stars are totally are losing it.

1. "Which Latin star with a great intellect, an amazing body and lots of talents is being cheated on by her partner for a very old, unattractive waitress? The star has no idea the extent of the affair but has been suspicious ever since he came home with a new STD." [BuzzFoto]

2. "This music guy is in big trouble. Although he has had an impressive number of hits over the past 10+ years, he never got the hang of managing his money. He is now so broke that he is turning to his famous ex for a handout. Unfortunately, she's not exactly jumping up to help him. She's been down this road with him before, she knows that they don't belong together, and she's not going to spend another penny of her own millions to bail him out of trouble again." [Blind Gossip]