So, you'd like to advertise in an iPad magazine? Ha ha, sucker. Sure, you can buy an ad, right in an interactive version of a fancy Condé Nast lifestyle glossy. But you're going to pay through the nose with surcharges, because you're a mark.

Oh, you wanted a link from your iPad ad? Well then, that will be an extra five thousand dollars. If $5,000 seems like a lot to add a simple hyperlink to an interactive ad, just remember that it's a classy rich person hyperlink. As a Condé spokeswoman put it in Ad Age, "we offer our advertisers a unique environment in which to reach our affluent and influential readers, and that our pricing is in line with that opportunity." Well, an online ad where you have to pay extra to link is certainly "unique." Here's some other ideas for extracting money from Condé's iPad-advertising mugs: surcharge for a decent looking image resolution; surcharge to use any font not included with the iPad; surcharge every time the ad is shown on a Retina Display; surcharge for color. You guys are truly artists at this iPad thing. But maybe not the sort of artists you think you are.

[Image via Vogue/YouTube]