Minnesota's Rosemount High had an awesome idea for a prank at this year's winter pep rally. Just awesome: blindfold all the sports captains and have them make out with people. And the "prank" part is that they're making out with their parents. Who aren't blindfolded.

Yes. That video above, if you can stand to watch it, contains some very uncomfortable footage, per City Pages:

Footage of the assembly shows a scene that would make even Sigmund Freud cringe. Dads kissing daughters. Mothers kissing sons.

And these are not just innocent pecks on the lips. The parents are intimately lip-locking their children for several seconds. One even progresses to rolling around on the gym floor. In another instance, a mother moves her son's hand south so he's grasping her butt.

According to City Pages, the school is "apologizing" for the prank. One YouTube commenter who claims to be a student at Rosemount says that it's a "tradition that only happens every six years or something," which makes it sound like an ancient pagan Norse ritual brought to America by sick incestuous vikings. Like hotdish, or passive-aggressiveness.

[City Papers via @AbeSauer]