Like the first in this explosive, guns and skull ridden movie, the Expendables sequel is all about the cast. This ensemble group of all stars comes together in one throbbing, heaping helping of testosterone, making this about as actiony a movie as an action movie can get. It's a caricature of the ultimate action flick, like a Snakes on a Plane meta-movie in that everybody- viewers, actors and filmmakers alike- are all in on the joke. If Hollywood were a box of toys, each of these guys is an action figure from a different comic book or TV show that you love, who come together in the sandbox for the ultimate showdown. Chuck Norris is in this for God sakes.

We don't really know what it's about (especially if you didn't see the first one) and more importantly, we don't care. The plot becomes virtually irrelevant when Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, and Sylvestor Stallone are banging around a set with machine guns and hand grenades. Because at that point, it is only about having fun watching a summer blockbuster in an air conditioned theater. If you expect even the teeniest, tiniest iota more out of this, you probably go to Tisch and no one wants you in this theater anyway.