New York Post hot teen lesbian sex fetish correspondent Andrea Peyser is writing about bitches and sluts today. Yes, it is a Thursday. "Step away from the TV, bitches. It isn't safe." Those are actually in fact the first two sentences of Andrea's column today. But wait for the positive message!

"From the sluts and hos of MTV's 'Jersey Shore'..." she continues. Okay, well, let's see, let's just fast forward a bit here to the important and inspirational as well as educational message of concern for our kids these days, the little sluts... ah yes! Andrea Peyser is concerned that the sluts and hos that girls see on their popular television reality shows will, in fact, turn the girls to sluts and hos in real life. Sluts are made, not born.

It's not just alarming to consider that your girls are at risk of growing up thinking that crude sexuality is the key to success. It's extremely profitable.

Although that paragraph does not make sense if taken as a discrete collection of thoughts that are supposed to logically follow from one another, what's important is the spirit of it. Little girls: Stay away from trashy media outlets that would turn you into sluts, with their wanton sexuality.

Never, ever read the New York Post. And especially never read an Andrea Peyser column. Slut city.