The sale of late screen legend Elizabeth Taylor's concluded yesterday and the collection fetched more than $116 million, well above its estimate. La Liz is a blockbuster even in death!

The 80 baubles, many of them given to her by ex-husbands or famous friends like Michael Jackson, were thought to only make about $20 million. Man, were they ever wrong. The highlight of the sale was the pearl necklace seen above, which was designed by Cartier to house a 16th century pearl. It sold for $11.6 million, the highest ever paid for a pearl necklace. And to think think that RIchard Burton only paid $37,000 for that pearl necklace. A bargain to do something that filthy. A 33 carat diamond ring went for $8.8 million and a tiara sold for $4.2 million. Who even wears tiaras anymore?

The good news is that some of the proceeds form the auction go to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, so at least it wasn't a total waste of money. The live auction for her couture and art continues today. It's not like it matters. You can't afford any of it anyway.

[Image via AP]