Last night we noted how cops were handing out a fair share of tickets to people on the High Line for doing relatively innocuous things, like drinking wine. We asked you to contribute your own tales of illicit comings and goings on Manhattan's sexiest elevated thoroughfare.

Here are some of the best of them.

S&M Crafts Fair

"During Folsom East, I took the Highline 28th entrance and all these tourists kept gawking at the giant crowd of men, not all of them noticing that half of the men were wearing assless chaps, if pants at all.

When one of the tourist familes from Wisconsin or some other flyover space asked 'what's going on down there?' I quickly replied, 'Oh! It's a crafts fair!' and they followed me down into the giant pit of sin. I then got drunk and groped a 50 year old big bear outside the Eagle."

- dalunt

Exhibitionist vs. Exhibitionist

"I jerked off sitting in one of the recliners watching a couple have sex on the 10th floor of The Standard. Too much information?"

- SchoolOfStrange

Fingerbang Fun

"I got fingerbanged on a park bench on the High Line and then interrupted by security because the park was closed. So I guess the naughtiest thing I've ever done there is trespass after hours!"

- bride of funkenstein

Bad Cop

"There was a pack of young female tourists nestled in on a double lounger on a busy Saturday, so I walked up to them and asked how long they'd been there. 'About a half hour or so,' one of them replied. So I told her there was a half hour time limit on the lounge chairs on the weekends, but I'd give them an extra five minutes. They immediately apologized, gathered up their things, and left. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading and napping. Naughty? No. Clever? Yes. "

- misslinda

Standard Procedure

"I've watched the live sex shows put on at the Standard from the comfort of the High Line. It's actually surprising how many live sex shows I've witnessed in New York City. On second thought, no it's not.

And yes, I've smoked a joint on it. Though to be fair, I've smoked a joint pretty much everywhere but a NYPD station. It's amazing what a young white woman gets away with in this City. On second thought, no it's not."

- MegSwan

Cupcake Whores

"Okay, this is some crazy stuff that I did last summer on the High Line. First, me and my cousin Bethany went to Magnolia and bought some of those AMAZING cupcakes oh my god they're so good. Okay anyway we went went all the way over to the Highline thing, and we went up and then, you will never believe this. Okay, okay, here goes. I ATE A WHOLE CUPCAKE! Yes. Okay, not the icing because that is like so gross. And you will never believe Betheny, she is so edgy, but she was wearing Prada shoes. FROM LAST YEAR!!! Have you ever? We were wild. I mean it. Totally wild."

- lentiggini

Let's Make a Deal

"I used to meet my drug dealer on the High Line."
- paups

Prehistoric High Line

"Do stories that happened before it was a park count?

This was back in the nineties when the actually packed meat in the district, but there were also clubs there. So on 15th street there was a "candy" shop where we bought our weed, it was one of those shops where they had four products on the shelves gathering dust.

We'd go in, buy some weed, and then sneak up on the high line behind where Chelsea market is now. It was just over grown with weeds, barbed wire and a lot to skittering around. We'd sit up there, smoke and watch the sunset. At times there would be some guys treating it like the brambles in Central Park, other times there were guys playing with them selves, but mostly we were alone smoking and drinking.

Nothing very dangerous or exciting happened then either but at least it was untamed and you could twist and ankle easily."

- lightflash

Thanks for sharing, everyone! [Photo of High Line and The Standard via Edzone/Flickr]