Breaking meta-news: New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter has pulled a Weiner. No, not that kind. No, not that kind, either.

Stelter (who is single) attempted to use Twitter's direct message function to confirm a story about Christiane Amanpour leaving This Week. Unfortunately Stelter (who I once saw rap to Jay-Z at a Chinatown karaoke bar) made the same mistake Rep. Anthony Weiner did, and tweeted a message he meant to DM. Here's what Stelter (who is actually a pretty good rapper) accidentally tweeted to all 96,652 of his Twitter followers:

And so Achilles took a hit to the heel.

Despair not, young wounded hero: Your followers will defend your honor.

Anyway, can someone call IT? We've got a new media robot sent from the future to destroy us all that needs a couple repairs. Good as new in no time! [@BrianStelter, image via Getty]