Faith and begorrah, my ancestors on the Emerald Isle have finally launched their own version of Jersey Shore and it is something else. It's the same bad behavior with a fraction of the budget and way more brogues. How can we get this in America?

Tallafornia, the Irish show that puts a bunch of West Dublin (where all the trashy people live) twentysomethings in a house and films their drunken flirtations, debuted on Sunday night and it's already a hit. 500,000 viewers. Wow, that is just huge!

The series looks to be the usual Jersey Shore concoction, complete with homoerotic tension between muscled-out dudes, naked hot tub antics, a filthy bathroom, and a "score room." This is supposed to be the "smush room" and we know this because someone made a little sign in Microsoft Word and printed it up and put it on the tape with Scotch tape. Man, the sadness of this project makes it that much more entertaining.

Here's an extended look at the first episode, but sadly there are two Irish jokers making rather uninspired commentary over the entire thing. God, it's like they're bloggers or something. Save documenting the most important Irish literature of our time to the professionals, will ya? But, until TV3, opens this phenomenon up to the world, this is the best we can do!