Fashionista is running a series on "Fashion Intern Horror Stories," and the best one—about the world's "best known supermodel" peeing all over a white suit—makes for a workable blind item:

My first fashion internship was in the PR department for a beloved British designer. One of her best friends, a well known supermodel (the best known supermodel?) was fronting her spring campaign. I thought getting the designer, the model and the famous photog to St. Barth's on the same plane on the same day for the same 12 hours was a nightmare (try booking a flight to St. Barth's-there is like a nine person shuttle plane that runs once or twice daily) but then the clothes came back post-shoot. Turns out the model, who was in the midst of a drug scandal, couldn't quite hold it together and the white sample suit was soaked in pee. Vogue needed it for a shoot that afternoon, so guess who got to wash it out?

Let's divide this into a series of discrete clues:

1. Spring ad campaign for British designer
2. "Best known supermodel… in the midst of a drug scandal"
3. White suit
4. St. Bart's

Above, an image of world-famous supermodel Kate Moss in a white suit for British designer Stella McCartney's Spring/Summer 2006 ad campaign. At the time, Women's Wear Daily reported,

Kate Moss will star in Stella McCartney's spring 2006 campaign. Over the weekend, McCartney was in St. Bart's for the shoot, on the beach, with Moss. Although H&M dropped Moss from its McCartney campaign in September due to the model's highly publicized drug problem, the two women have remained close.

After photographs of "Cocaine Kate" blowing lines appeared in The Daily Mirror in the autumn of 2005, she spent a month in rehab and faced a possible drug charge. After arresting her, British police ultimately dropped the charges against Moss. If only Kate had dropped her pants as quickly. [Fashionista, WWD, top image via Getty]