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Yeah, last night was the TV debut of Chelsea Clinton, NBC's newest """""journalist.""""" All you non-famous kids out there who saddled yourselves with a lifetime of debt in order to pay for journalism school, who are now either unemployed or underemployed or stuck at some boring dead end niche publication wondering how your journalism dream turned out so differently than you imagined: maybe Chelsea Clinton will put you in one of her charity news segments on teevee one day. That would be a dream come true for you.

P.S., nice job playing the obsequious handmaiden to American royalty here, Brian Williams.

Chelsea Clinton is helping people, by agreeing to allow herself to be turned into a television celebrity. Anyone who questions whether she might have done more by raising money and allowing an actual journalist to have this coveted news job has a hard, hard heart. She seems like a nice young lady. Therefore she should be a famous TV person.