A report in the NY Post says the city's Parks Department has issued 113 summonses between January and November to people they've caught drinking alcohol on the High Line, the mile-long public park installed in an abandoned, elevated freight railroad that runs along Manhattan's west side. That's by far the most tickets of any park in the five boroughs.

Some of the biggest culprits were couples — especially tourists — who arrived with bottles of wine or champagne and glasses to toast romantic sunsets off the Hudson River, Parks Department sources said.

"This is the make-out park of New York City," said a Parks enforcement officer.

It used to be guests at The Standard hotel straddling the High Line's southern tip who were the ones behaving badly in public, putting on live sex shows in front of their floor-to-ceiling windows for passersby below. But then the High Line expanded, nooks and crannies emerged, and it looked like everyone's favorite public space was about to transform into a grassy ramble of sin. Brian Moylan was really excited about it!

So a few tourists have been nabbed with champagne. Big deal. There has to be better stories out there. Have you visited the High Line yet? Smoked a joint on it? Smuggled in a beer in a paper bag? Got an over-the-jeans handjob? Dirtier? Send me your stories. I'll post the best ones later this week. [Photo via TresspassersWill/Flickr]