For a country led into ruin by a fuckhappy Oompa Loompa, Italy has its fair share of hangups when it comes to sex. One such instance is currently splashed across that country's headlines, for the way that it led to a Gypsy shanty town being burned to the ground.

A 16-year-old girl from the outskirts of Turin lived in mortal fear of her parents, who were obsessed with her remaining a virgin until marriage. They even had her inspected regularly by a gynecologist to ensure everything was still intact. But when she lost her virginity to her boyfriend, she concocted a lie to explain it: She told police she had been raped by two Gypsy men.

As her claims were investigated, word spread. 500 people marched in protest — but 50 of them broke off and invaded a nearby Gypsy camp. From The Guardian:

A splinter group of around 50 residents then marched towards a nearby camp where they reportedly called for all women and children to leave before throwing firecrackers and setting fire to caravans, shacks and cars.

There were also reports of beatings and rocks being thrown. When firefighters arrived, they were prevented from putting out the flames by members of the mob. It was the girl's brother who confessed to the lie in an attempt at calling off the violence, but it was too late: The camp was already gone.

I saw Drag Me to Hell. Those guys are so screwed. [Screengrab via Telegraph]