This animated short was supposed to debut tomorrow night on the holiday edition of Anthony Bourdain's Travel Channel show, No Reservations. But when executives got a look at Bourdain's take on the Austrian legend of Krampus, they quickly pulled the plug. Apparently, they felt the world was not quite ready for a stop-motion retelling of Santa's "whip-toting sidekick" who "whips and licks naughty children" with his 12-inch tongue then "carries them off in his sack" — a source tells us they cited sensitivities regarding the Penn State scandal when delivering Bourdain the disappointing news. (The leering portrait of the Pope in the background probably didn't help matters, either.)

Luckily, the special lives on on YouTube — a classic-in-the-making for you to dust off every holiday season, and freak the living shit out of your children with. And here I thought Rudolph's Abominable Snowman was scary. [No Reservations]