Disappointing(ly) naked person Lindsay Lohan and her shapeshifting sister Aliana have been vacationing in Hawaii this weekend to escape from their life burdens. Of course, Lindsay encountered her nemesis, The Wicked Dr. Drama, while standing in line for another non-alcoholic pineapple drink and this produced consequences, which subsequently transformed into strange gossip news.

As TMZ tells us, Lindsay went to a house party and had her $5,000 Chanel bag stolen. The bag contained her passport, "important probation docs," and $10,000 in cash. One might wonder why Lindsay toted her court papers, and enough money to cover her first year at a reputable state university, to a goddamn house party. Showing somebody your probation documents probably works as a great icebreaker, but so does "my naked pictures just leaked all over the Internet, and you might recall that I starred in a movie about a car named Herbie." As for the cash—maybe taxis are really expensive in Hawaii?

Someone eventually found Lindsay's purse "on the street somewhere" and gave it back, minus the money. Lindsay was very nonchalant about the theft. She knows she can always steal it back.

[Image via AP]