Liquory tooth-brushing trademark litigant Ke$ha has contributed a version of Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" to an upcoming Amnesty International compilation of 76 Dylan covers. The results—a raw, snotty-nosed Ke$ha baring her glittery soul for the world—might surprise you.

Or, it might annoy you! Probably depends upon how you feel about Ke$ha, pop singers covering folk heroes, and runny noses.

As Rolling Stone reports, the recording we hear was a first take—just Ke$ha and her laptop in her bedroom, all alone:

"And there were particular lyrics in the song that you can just tell, once they came out of my mouth – the emotion caught up with me and I just started weeping," she says. "It's something that I didn't plan on, that wasn't contrived at all. It just sort of happened."

We're not totally in love with it, possibly because we've heard Jeff Buckley cover Dylan and, well, you just try to top that. But we'll give her credit for totally reworking the song and making it her own. Her voice is lovely and her sentiments seem sincere. Keep hanging out with the stray dogs and the charities, Ke$ha—we hear your soul trying to break out of the basement hipster party and overcome its hangover.

[Rolling Stone. Image via AP]