Here is the second trailer for Peter Berg's Battleship, and boy oh boy does this one stink to high heaven already. But watch closely, friends, because there is an extra special treat in this trailer. Do you see her? That's right, it's Rihanna! On a ship! In a bona fide movie!

Oh man, now I feel like I almost can't wait to see this? Sure, it looks absolutely atrocious in every sense of the word, but there's something about Rihanna and Liam Neeson acting in the same movie that's really piqued my interest. It's as though the universe is nodding to each of us, gently placing a hand on our lower backs and ushering us into theaters, assuring us that this is something that has been made, against all odds, and therefore must be seen. Plus Friday Night Lights' angel of abs and tans, Taylor Kitsch is in this, and I firmly we believe we should support him in all of his endeavors.

So what do you think? Will you see it? Or would you sooner watch Nell on repeat all of Christmas day?