[UPDATED WITH VIDEO] "It was shooting crazy," said one bystander of a freak shooting spree at the corners of Hollywood Blvd. Sunset Blvd.* and Vine St. — the Crossroads of Forgotten Dreams — this morning. According to the LA Times report, a gunman started firing randomly at passing cars at 10:30 a.m., hitting one man in a Mercedes in the head and grazing another in the leg. Bystanders waved over two cops who were working on a movie shoot down the street, and they fired on the shooter, killing him. Way to go, LAPD!

The Mercedes driver was rushed to the hospital, and his condition "was not immediately known."

* The shooting occurred on Vine near Sunset Blvd., not Hollywood Blvd. as we previously reported. That corner isn't so much the Crossroads of Forgotten Dreams as it is The 'Jack in the Box' Parking Lot of Broken Promises. We apologize for any confusion.

UPDATE: Video of shooter before he was killed by police:

UPDATE 2: A second video has surfaced in which can you see the shooter firing at a passing truck.

[LAT, Photo via KTLA]