All the tales you hear from the set of Glee are either about Ryan Murphy being a jerk or Lea Michele being an insufferable diva. Well, here is a tale that might make you think Murphy is the worse of the monsters.

Us Weekly has an article about how demonic he is on set and you know if celebrity publicists are letting "sources" talk to the mag then things must have gotten really bad.

This "source" recounts a tale that Michele didn't want to go on the Glee Live tour last summer since they were only given four days to rehearse the show. When he found out the news, a source says he asked Lea, "which of her friends she wanted him to fire" in retaliation. Damn, that is some harsh shit. It's like he's the Nazi in Sophie's Choice.

Apparently he was alluding to Amber Riley, who plays Mercedes and is apparently the only human alive that can tolerate Lea Michele. It appears Murphy thinks she is completely disposable. No wonder the show has been lacking lately, it sounds like an awful place to work!

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