Yesterday we asked you, the professional etymologists that make up the vast bulk of the Gawker readership, to suggest a new word to replace "bro," so that we may be freed from the yoke of having to called people "bro," as we do now on a regular basis.

Hundreds of you responded. We've narrowed down the responses to ten finalists. Some were individual strokes of inspiration; others were popular suggestions offered again and again. We now put them to you, the gender studies and linguistics double majors that make up the majority of the Gawker readership, for a vote.

We'll remind you of the criteria:

1. The new word must succeed in evoking a widely understood and recognized subculture. The same subculture now referred to as "bros."
2. It must be one word. Pithiness is key. The point is to be able to refer to bros without having to describe them.
3. "Bro" is, in essence, a slur. It must have at least an underlying whiff of insult.

Vote now! Next week, we will choose our winner. Have a good weekend, bros! Ha. Bros. Ha.