Reality folded in on itself last night when Occupy Wall Street occupied the set of a Law and Order: SVU episode, built to look like Occupy Wall Street's old encampment in Zuccotti Park.

Law and Order had set up in lower Manhattan's Foley Park for an Occupy Wall Street-themed episode, and it really did look a lot like the old Zuccotti, complete with akitchen and the People's Library. But about 100 occupiers descended on the set, chanting and writing slogans in sharpie on everything. When cops arrived, the protesters shouted things like "These cops' costumes look so realistic!" and "We're all just extras!" according to Gothamist.

Police rescinded the show's permit (LNO hadn't been permitted to build a set) and told everyone to go home. No arrests were made, according to the Times but three media studies doctoral theses were born that night.