Men are gross, stinky pigs, right? Right! But did you ever think your man stank because he has an STD? Russian scientists just discovered our nose knows who not to sleep with.

In their crazy study they collected sweat from 34 guys, some who were healthy, some who had gonorrhea, and some who had the infection but were treated for it successfully. When they asked a bunch of sexy Russian co-eds to sniff their sweat (I think I once saw a porn called Sexy Russian Co-Ed Pit Sniffing Party 5) they found that the samples that smelled the most "putrid" were the ones with the STD.

Great, now when you go on a first date, you're going to have to get real close to the guy and give him a good sniff. He's going to think you have some kind of fetish or something. And now guys are going to buy even more Axe Body Spray because if they smell they're not going to get laid because everyone thinks they have a case of the drippy dick. Guys, don't buy Axe, or anything marketed as body spray or else you'll never get the S to have the TD. Maybe it's best just to stank.

[Image via Shutterstock]