In the textbook definition of classy, Irish science experiment Sinead O'Connor got married to her fourth husband while sitting in the back of a pink Cadillac at the wedding chapel on the Vegas strip that Britney used when she was married for 48 seconds to some dude.

Her husband, Barry Herridge (a name devised for a cartoon villain of Irish descent and then given to a real person), is a therapist, so, um, that's nice. The divorce, oh, sorry, got ahead of myself there...The wedding took place on Thursday, which is also Sinead's birthday. How sweet!

Remember just this summer when Sinead wrote a column saying she was sex-starved and really needed a man and had a whole list of things he needed to like, including putting it in her back door? Remember when Sinead came out a lesbian? Remember long long ago in the distant past when Sinead used to sing? Yeah, neither does Sinead, apparently.

[Image via Pacific Coast News]