Jason Cohen is a young English professor at Kentucky's Berea College. Oh Jason Cohen, what did you put on the Twitter this week???

"Given a student named TeQuilla, are my worst assumptions unavoidable? #s—tmystudentsmakemethink that at the end of the semester, I'm right."

Ohhh, Jason Cohen. His apology has been so god damn earnest and over the top we're inclined to just consider him penitent enough, and move on (since we are the moral arbiters of all things, on the internet). He's already invited black faculty members to have "a 'conversation' about his actions," according to this newspaper story by Linda Blackford.

But uhhh... Given a reporter named "Blackford," are our worst assumptions unavoidable? #Blackthingsmakemethink that I'm right.

[via Romenesko]