Bros. They're here. They're bros. Get used to it. They're not, however, poetic. "Bro." It sounds like an Eastern European cough. Can you think of a better word for these creatures?

You may recall that there used to be a common word called "hipster," until, back in 2010, we held a contest for you, the subculturally astute Gawker readership, to pick a new word to replace it. That's why no one says "hipster" any more, and everyone says "fauxhemian." Ahem. Can you make that magic happen again, gentle readers?

We will use the same criteria for bros that we used for hipsters:

1. The new word must succeed in evoking a widely understood and recognized subculture. The same subculture now referred to as "bros."
2. It must be one word. Pithiness is key. The point is to be able to refer to bros without having to describe them.
3. "Bro" is, in essence, a slur. It must have at least an underlying whiff of insult.

Put your nominations in the comments. We will chose the best, and put them to a vote in a future post. This is how words get made now! Get to work, bros.

[Shout out to commenter GRIZZZLY for the inspiration. Image via Facebook]