The good Governor Sandwiches of New Jersey, our old pal Chris Christie, was out stumping for Mitt Romney in Iowa yesterday (poor guy) when local America- and capitalism-destroying monsters of Occupy Des Moines pulled out the "people's mic" on him.

They just say "put people first" for a while, as usual, although maybe it's "fuck people first"? Let's assume the former. Chris Christie waits them out, letting them to release all of their angst, and so on. You can tell that he wants to destroy them. He wants to go into full-on teachers' town hall mode, insulting them for minutes at length.

But this is Mitt Romney's event, so he restrains himself. The best he can come up with is, "Hey listen, you know what? We're used to dealing with jokers like this in New Jersey all the time. Don't you worry about it." Well managed. You'll get 'em on your home turf soon enough, Sandwiches.

[via The Village Voice]