Silver spoon-sucking Trump in-law Jared Kushner already owns the New York Observer, poorly. Now, the plucky young would-be mogul has his eye on a new crowd of readers: rich annoying idiots!

Elizabeth Spiers reports that Kushner is backing a new magazine (a new magazine!) led by some refugees from AVENUE magazine, that already-extant monument to the 1%'s self-indulgence (which boasts a section called "Our Crowd," which is to say, not your crowd). But why, publisher Julie Dannenberg? Because "What Manhattan needs is a magazine written and styled for the affluent, stylish, intelligent and savvy man or woman who can and does only exist in New York."

Patently untrue.

"We will be at every movie premiere, black tie charity benefit, hot night club opening and in the front row of every fashion show from Alexander Wang to Oscar de la Renta to tell who said what to who, and why they said it," said [AVENUE editor Peter] Davis, via email. "News breaks by the tweet in Manhattan, so expect updates on the digital horizon as well as print. We are fascinated with what's next, whether it be a hotel (we already have the insider scoop on The Standard's new East Village location), to a handbag, to the girl of the second that has the style world swooning. We will keep you talking and guessing all year, and all night long."

Shut up.

[NYO. Image via Getty]