Facebook released its most popular memes and trends of 2011 list today. At the very top was a three-letter abbreviation: lms. "Like My Status." wtf.

lms. Hundreds of thousands—millions?—of people incorporated this blatant cry for attention into their status updates on Facebook last year. It works something like this: "lms if u find this funny!" In other versions of lms, the user offers something up for a "like:" "lms and I'll give you a hug." There's a pretty amusing music video spoofing the lms craze by Miles Jai, which has racked up 3,000,000 views.

According to Facebook, lms was often paired with the second most-popular status update, tbh. "To be honest"—apparently necessary now that the internet has rendered every statement ironic by default. "lms for a tbh:" like my status and I"ll tell you what I really think of you. This must have caused 60% of all tearful high school hallway breakdowns of 2011.

It's not surprising that lms would dominate Facebook's memes. lms' sole purpose is to go viral—a modern-day chain letter. There's no humor, creativity or any real content to the thing outside of this unstoppable imperative to share. Click. Like. lms could have been invented by Mark Zuckerberg himself.