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Five-Year Engagement, starring Muppet Maestro Jason Segal and once-Adjusted Emily Blunt, is about a mildly attractive yet totally endearing pair who, yep, get engaged. And you will never believe how long the engagement lasts! (The engagement lasts for five years.)

Tom (Jason) proposes to longtime girlfriend Victoria (Emily), and she happily accepts. But alas, the University of Michigan has other vague plans for these two. It swoops in and offers Victoria a once in a lifetime chance to be a Kappa Kappa Gamma house mom, which is something she's always dreamed of doing. Tom, ever the supporting betrothed that he is, happily sends her on her way; he even packs her an extra pair of sweatpants with Kappa scrawled across the butt! All seems well and good for these two.

But beware the evil twist of the rom-com! Victoria is asked to stay on for another three years as the sorority's wet nurse. And though it pains her to push back the wedding, it is her dream to suckle these precious Kappa girls. So she presumably stays on and charming, lovable, nothing-deeper-than-the-surface hilarity ensues.

As romantic comedies go, this looks great! Everyone in it is likable (hello there, David Paymer!) and the jokes are just pat enough for a light springtime movie. Hopefully it will tread that fine line between slapstick (see: Emily Blunt slamming into the door of a car) and sentimentality, and with a little luck, the rom-com will find itself resuscitated after its long, long Fuck Buddies-induced coma.