Try not to tear up when reading this interview with Joe and Jane Clementi in People magazine. The parents of the New Jersey teen—who killed himself earlier this year after his roommate broadcast him and a partner having sex in their dorm room over the internet—are finally speaking out, and it's heartbreaking.

His father says that he finds solace in a Facebook page dedicated to his son's memory. "I'll read a few things until I get choked up—then I'll stop," he says. OK, now I'm about to cry. His mother says this time of year is especially hard for her, her husband, and her two living sons. "It's especially hard right now because this was his favorite time of year. So we're trying to find a new way to celebrate Christmas. I'm sad—and trying to get through it." OK, now I am crying. Powerful stuff. Everyone go home and call your parents or hug your children or something. Then cry alone in your room. That is the dignified thing to do.

[Image via AP]