Last month, the hapless investment firm that had purchased the San Diego Union-Tribune in 2009, thinking its value would appreciate (ha), found a sucker buyer: San Diego businessman Doug Manchester, who reportedly paid more than $110 million.

Why would a successful businessman pay so much money for a media property that its previous owners couldn't wait to unload? Well, a couple reasons. First, the paper is reportedly profitable at the moment, and Doug Manchester, like many first-time newspaper owners before him, probably thinks that he is smart enough to not only stay profitable, but increase profits, for long period of time. (He is wrong.) And second, because Doug Manchester is a "conservative and anti-tax" nut who plans to use the paper to push a "pro-business" (meaning pro-Doug Manchster's financial interests!) agenda.

Step one: the paper got a new slogan today emblazoned on its front page.

What once read "More Than 1,000,000 Readers Weekly" now says "The World's Greatest Country and America's Finest City."

San Diego has used the "Finest City" bit for years—exactly as long as San Diego has been populate by bastard right wing businessmen. Was "Stay Classy, San Diego" already taken? LOL. How about "San Diego, Still Free of Sharia Law—But For How Long?" LOL. But seriously, folks. Our deepest sympathies to the Union-Tribune's remaining normal journalists.

[Voice of San Diego via Romenesko]