Lindsay Lohan will preview her Playboy pictorial on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show next week—and in the meantime, images from "very classy" "boobs, ass, and vag" photo shoot are starting to surface. A handful of gossip sites ran a photograph of the purported magazine this afternoon, featuring a honey-blonde LiLo naked and spread eagle on a bunny-shaped chair.

Noted: Lindsay's signature hand-in-hair pose, and a business card in the bottom edge of the original photograph of the magazine. (Playboy publicist?)

If you need an excuse to buy LiLo's Playboy "for the articles," looks like there will also be a story about "When Steve Jobs Met Andy Warhol." Sounds like an interesting article! Should really pick up a copy. Oh hey, this is Lindsay Lohan's issue? What a coincidence. Anyway, guess I'll go read this article about Steve Jobs now, alone in my room with the shades down. [ICYDK, images via Getty]