We found out yesterday that Discovery's Mythbusters is one of Republicans favorite shows. Today we find out that the show shot a cannonball through a California neighborhood causing wanton destruction. No wonder the GOP loves it so much!

Apparently while testing what sort of materials could be effectively shot out of a cannon (shooting and explosions: things Republicans love) an experiment went totally awry. The cannon missed its target (garbage cans full of water) and went through a cement wall. It then tore through a wall of a house, bounced off the roof of another house and then crashed through a window of a minivan where it landed. No one was injured, but the residents of Dublin, Calif. (near San Francisco: something Republicans hate) will be scarred for life.

The man whose house got hit on the roof said he thought "tree fell or maybe a meteor." A Meteor! How unlikely! That's crazy, man. I mean, of course it was a cannonball from a reality show. That is way more likely than a fucking meteor. Who gets hit by a meteor?

Well, it looks like whatever material that was sure worked. Myth busted!