Following yesterday's report about BYU-Idaho had banned skinny jeans, officials at the Mormon university overturned the ban. But skinny-jeans-gate isn't over! Intrepid student journalists are on the case, reporting that rogue prudes within the University hierachy fought to keep skinny jeans out—possibly discriminating against the "curvy"—before they were overruled.

Chief among the prudes: the BYU-Idaho Testing Center. Independent student newspaper The Student Review published one of the testing center's fliers:

Meanwhile, BYU-Idaho campus newspaper The Scroll reports that students have been kicked out of the testing center (which is a centralized location where students can take tests for any class) for daring to wear tight pants:

Self-described as "curvy," Rachel Vermillion, a senior studying psychology, took a test in the afternoon of the day that the new rule was implemented.

"I got in line and the guy said that I couldn't take a test because my pants were too tight," Vermillion said. "I thought he was joking at first."

Vermillion wasn't given a warning, despite the Testing Center's history of issuing warnings to students for similar violations of the CES Dress and Grooming Standards.

"I thought it was going to be like, ‘Next time, wear a different pair of pants,'" Vermillion said. "I'd never gotten a warning. I pointed out to him girls around me who had gotten in who were wearing jeans much tighter than my pants, but he just said, ‘It's at the discretion of the Testing Center employees.' He got very angry and was very rude."

However! BYU-Idaho has now taken to its Facebook page (savvy!) to announce that skinny jeans are permitted.

Hooray! We did it! The wholesome whippersnappers of BYU-Idaho are free to unleash their curves in skinny jeans once again. [Student Review, The Scroll, images via Student Review and]