Yesterday, several Huffington Post whistleblowers came forward to describe boss Arianna Huffington talking on the phone while going to the bathroom. Today, two new whistleblowers describe overheard power-shitting sessions, this time involving the White House Correspondents Dinner and daughter Isabella's matriculation at Yale.

A Huffington Post employee describes overhearing a bathroom discussion of Huffingdaughter Isabella:

Yes. Totally true. Always on the phone on the pot. One time I listened as she coordinated her daughter's move to Yale. It was in 2010, back-to-school time. Don't think I've ever heard her poop.

Meanwhile, a woman who ran into Arianna at the White House Correspondents Dinner recalls the egomaniacal mogul's profound sense of urgency:

Several years ago, I was at the White House Correspondents Dinner. I was in the Ladies Room, waiting on a long line to use the bathroom. Famous people were also waiting, and many of us were chatting. Mind you, I am a nobody, but people could not have been nicer. All of a sudden, Arianna walks in, and hems & haws loudly and basically said she cannot believe she has to wait. When she walked in, that many of us turned around to see who this person was. She started to walk up to see if she could cut in line, but I think when she saw famous faces—in my general area on line was Dee Dee Myers, Camron Manheim and Portia de Rossi—and realized she'd have to wait as well.

But what about our most critical question: Is Arianna a Fartianna? Her WHCD colleague responds,

I'm not sure if Arianna is a Fartianna, because I didn't stay long enough to find out.

Given the frequency of these tales, we are beginning to wonder: Is power-pooping the new multitasking? Have you witnessed a powerful person—any powerful person, not just Arianna Huffington—chatting on the phone while going to the bathroom? Write in.

[Images via Getty and Noah Fowler]