There is nothing more amusing on a Wednesday morning than to read some of the New York Observer's voluminous, fawning Occupy Wall Street coverage, and then immediately afterwards read the paper's invariably horrific in-house editorial of the week, which is dictated from on high by the paper's owner, millionaire real estate scion and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, whose silver spoon gives him divine guidance on the issues of the day.

What I really want to know is whether this rich boy supports Andrew Cuomo's plan to raise taxes on the rich??? Tell us, Jared's ghostwriter:

But rather than attack the core issue-the usefulness and efficacy of state government-Mr. Cuomo appears prepared to take the easy way out by raising taxes on a portion of the population best able to pick up and relocate to a less-hostile state...

The urgency is welcome. But if these deliberations result in any sort of income-tax hikes, high-achieving New Yorkers will have reason to conclude that Albany doesn't get it after all.

Let's see... higher tax sends Jared Kushner fleeing to Jersey, causing him to sell the NYO in disgust to a competent owner? I think he "gets it" just fine.

[NYO. Image via Getty]