For your daily dose of internet uplift, we bring you the amazing story of Regan — a friendly Yellow Lab who happened to notice a bag lying on the side of an Iowa highway, and proceeded to drag it all the way home. Regan plopped his gruesome delivery — a Meow Mix bag covered in blood and guts with something moving around inside — on his master's doorstep, and whined until they reluctantly opened it.

Inside were two extremely freaked-out kittens, covered in the remains of their siblings who weren't quite so lucky, and had been run over by traffic. But the survivors, Tipper and Skipper, have fully recovered from the incident and are now available for adoption. Good boy, Regan! Goood booooooooy. Oh, what stories these indestructible Super Cats will have to tell their great-grandkittens! (Just kidding. Please spay or neuter your furry loved one today.)

[, Screengrabs via CBS News]