This past summer, longtime alt (to the Village Voice)-weekly The New York Press died, a victim of neglect and mismanagement, fated to disappear into its ill-fitting parent company. Sad! But! Now! Joe Pompeo reports that the Press is being relaunched, online-only, by "Tom Allon, the owner of [parent company] Manhattan Media and a 2013 mayoral candidate." What's the plan, Tom?

"It is our intention that this will become Mayor Bloomberg's homepage," Allon told Capital. "It will be the quintessential website for the savvy Manhattanite."

Uhhh. This is the paper that employed Matt Taibbi at the height of his square-enraging powers. So this sounds... somewhat less than encouraging. Sad! But! Maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised!

[Capital NY. Image via Faye Valentina/ Flickr]