Entertainment Weekly hired a fancy research company to figure out what shows liberals and conservatives like best. They should have just hired us to make up the answers, because they're really stereotypical. Liberals like The Daily Show, 30 Rock, Glee, and David Letterman. Conservatives like, well, a whole bunch of crap.

According to this rather entertaining study Republicans are into This is America with Larry the Cable Guy, Swamp Loggers, Pawn Stars, The Middle, NCIS, and Jay Leno. OK, I'm sorry, Swamp People is fascinating, I totally get that. Just look at those guys in the picture above. I'd watch them in anything.

But this is how stereotypes happen. Liberals are into schmancy shows about anti-heroes and ironic comedy. Conservatives are into reality shows about down home people and traditional sitcoms. And Mythbusters. Yes, Republicans like Mythbusters, the Discovery show where a bunch of smart people get all sciency about stuff. Aren't they supposed to hate science and intelligence? Do you think we can get them to prove climate change so that the GOP will finally lay off the EPA?

Want another mystery? Two and a Half Men isn't a favorite of either of these groups. Just who are the 20 million people watching that crap every week?