Boys, or girls: which do you think is better at going to college? If you said "boys," fuck off, you stupid idiot, no wonder you never went to college.

A new study says that not only is the rich-poor gap in college attendance widening; so is the male-female gap, that's what she said. Ladies win everything!

The female advantage is present across racial groups, as well, according to the data. In 1981, the most recent birth year calculated, white women have an 11 percent point advantage over white men, black women are at 9 percentage points and Hispanic women at 6 percentage points, according to the paper.

And the biggest gap of all is among the richest 25%, in which women have a 13% advantage in college graduation.

What this all means: if you're a male who finished college, you should be able to find a girlfriend real easy, even though you're a nerd.

[Inside Higher Ed. Fictionalized artist's rendering of an imaginary girl who can theoretically do math via Shutterstock. Amirite.]