If you were responsible for the world's largest trove of sensitive personal information, what would you name your headquarters address? "4 Trust Lane?" "2 Careful Way?" "1 Gentle Drive?" Those would all be very reasonable branding choices! Instead, the world's most powerful social network, Facebook, went with "1 Hacker Way." Really?

Apparently, Facebook was going to name the street in front of its creepy new headquarters "Social Circle," but then Google made "Circles" the signature feature of its competing social network Google Plus so Facebook went back to the drawing board. Then it came up with "Hacker Way," according to TechCrunch. The vanity street name recalls Apple's HQ address of 1 Infinite Loop, and Sun Microsystem's old address of 1 Network Drive. Facebook likely meant to invoke the old, noble definition of "hacker" as a helpful and free-spirited programmer who cleverly solves computer problems with minimal effort. But "Hacker Way" is not going to look so benign at the bottom of a privacy policy - or at the top of a legal filing.

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