Aspiring serious person Sean Parker celebrated his 32nd birthday by attending a very serious play in New York. Oh, and standing on a table and brandishing a fire extinguisher.

According to Page Six, Sean Parker celebrated his birthday with champagne and a performance of Sleep No More (Macbeth in staged in an old hotel). The billionaire tech founder ended the night by announcing, "Get ready. Here comes my big exit!" and grabbed a fire extinguisher before being convinced by a security guard not to discharge it.

So, Parker, who's been desperately trying—well, trying… er, talking about trying—to shed his party boy image gets plus three seriousness points for celebrating his birthday at a well-reviewed off-Broadway play. But minus four seriousness points for the whole extinguisher thing. (Which, by the way, his rep denies as "apocryphal"—is Sean Parker now our patron saint of partying?) But, hey, Maybe next year, Sean.

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