Today we learned that the holidays are a time to show the people in your life how much they mean to you. When it comes to sending a message via the gift of a material possession unto another, it's important to be creative! One commenter was the recipient of an especially creative gift.

From TVAnnie:

My Aunt S. who refuses to acknowledge I am an adult, gives my sister and I the same gifts each Christmas. One year, when we were in college, we each got a box for Christmas with the following: Midol, Summer's Eve, Kotex maxi pads (the big ones this was in the '80s) and of course pantiliners, which back then were also big. Best of all she also included enormous white underwear that had a special fabric that was supposed to keep you cool with air flow or something.

My sister and I opened these on Christmas, in front of everyone. We smiled, said thank you and then my Aunt said "i just hate to use a restroom at my office. I always go home to do my business, are you like that too? And you can use the spray to freshen up between classes, if you can't get back to your dorm." We said thanks again and I spent the rest of Christmas chain smoking in my room and counting the hours until we could go back to school.

Nothing says, well, something, like a box full of breathable, cotton period underwear. Happy Holidays, indeed!

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