Mumblecouple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have vacated their California coffin-on-a-cliff. The 2,604-square-foot home it is listed at $5.9 million.

One thing about Bobby and Kitty is that they love them their privacy, and the secluded five-bedroom, five-bathroom mausoleum gives them just that. Overlooking the Stone Canyon Reservoir near Bel Air, the home is located at the end of a long and foreboding dead-end drive, surrounded by a vine-covered wrought iron gate. How many silly little people have these two murdered here? No one can know!

The manor features the requisite staples of highfalutin living: a gourmet kitchen, full service guesthouse, pool and spa, fully functioning sex dungeon complete with iron maiden, and scream-resistant sound proofing. To keep the sounds of screeching tweens in love with RPattz away not to keep any sounds inside the house. Right? Let's hope.

[Zillow, Images via Zillow/Getty]