What the ongoing debate about bullying has been missing, really, is the voice of Less Than Zero author Bret Easton Ellis. He's reticent to share his opinions publicly, and hates being written about—but the issue cries out for a man of compassion, a man of care, a man of thoughtfulness and grace. A man like Ellis.

And lo, we are lucky, for he has deigned to sign into Twitter, and he has graced us with his considered opinion:

When I was bullied: you manned-up. You learned something. You realized: I'm not getting the gold star. You realized: you lose. Deal with it.Mon Dec 05 03:59:30 via web

Bret Easton Ellis

Kids who are thinking of committing suicide after being targeted by schoolyard homophobes: you're not getting the gold star. You lose. Deal with it. Just, uh, not by killing yourselves.

[via Village Voice; image via Getty]