Irina Kristy, an easy-grading college math professor with an impenetrable accent who has taught at Boston University and Suffolk University since 1987, has been arrested for allegedly running a crystal meth lab with Grigory Genkin, her 29-year-old son, out of their home in Somerville, Massachusetts. (This is the part in the post where you point a finger at your screen and shout, "Breaking Bad! Breaking Bad!" even though it bears only a passing resemblance to the AMC series. So please stop.)

Kristy, 74, is still a full-time teacher at BU, where she teaches three courses per semester, but has been placed on administrative leave at Suffolk, where she is an adjunct professor. According to a report in the Boston Globe, a daylong search of Kristy's home on November 7th by investigators from local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies "recovered evidence that the site was being used to make methamphetamine."

Not that anyone asked us, but we thought we'd help out the defense's case by introducing as evidence the feedback of Kristy's students, as relayed anonymously on collegiate bitch-board,

"I LOVE HER 5 OUTFIT CHOICES!!!! and especially when she gets chalk all over it :] she's not aware of her surroundings because she almost tripped over a ball. but i love her accent!"

"Not a good professor at all but if you're just looking to satisfy a math general requirement and you've taken calculus before, this class is an easy A. There are weekly homeworks and quizzes but often she'll go over exactly what will be on the quiz. For midterms/finals she basically tells you the problems beforehand."

"This professor is the WORST. She's impossible to understand, and she rambles forever (so much that you don't have any time to finish quizzes, so work FAST). AVOID THIS PROFESSOR AT ALL COSTS."

"She is extremely hard to understand. She never answers the problem correctly. I got more confused the more I went to class. NEVER take her unless you absolutely have to. She's a nice lady but gets flustered easily."

"Although her accent makes understanding lectures difficult, she is a nice woman and a decent professor. The discussions and TAs were very helpful. I took calculus in High School, so this class was a walk in the park. She's a very easy grader and really just wants to see her students do well."

Okay, well, that doesn't really help out the defense's case at all. Never mind. [, Photo]